Dragon - Little Screamers

Dragon Specifications
Power Output
18w ( 2 x EL84's)

30w (4 x EL84's)
EL84 Power Valves

ecc83s Pre Amp Valves
Effects Loop Optional

High/Low Power Switch
 Head Only
550mm x 210mm x 240mm

From the Designer

" I remember the first time I built an 18 Watt amp with a volume and tone pre-amp, paired with a Celestion Greenback G12M speaker equaled pure joy, my ears had never been so happy. It started my long term relationship with lower wattage amplifiers that let you turn them up to get the power valves working at their sweetspot."

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Based on classic designs from the 60's with added touches to meet todays playesr needs, these amps feature Cathode Biased EL84 power sections that  love to be pushed hard into creamy overdrive.

We pair the power amps with a variety of vintage inspired pre-amps:

Volume, Tone and Cut Control

A simple control layout that is very easy to dial in for all levels of gain, most popular with a two EL84 power section for 18watt power output.

One of our most popular models for its pure valve tone.

Volume Treble Middle Bass Cut (TMB)

Based on the classic top boost circuits from the 60's, with the added middle control this circuit allow stunning chimey clean tones to dark thick warm tones, crank up the volume control and the EL84's start to compress and overdrive lusciously.

Paired with a quad of EL84's this pre-amp make a great gigging platform that works well with pedals.

Dual Channels

All these amps can be built with two channels, such as one one TMB channel and a Volume/Tone Channel.  This provides a variety of tonal options, please contact us to see what we can do.