Blackbird Specification
Power Output
50w (Fixed Bias)

30w (Cathode Bias)
2 x KT88/EL34's/6L6's

4 x ecc83s
All Valve Effects Loop

2 Gain Modes

Hi Mid and Low mid switching options

Gryphin Bite Control
 Head Only
550mm x 210mm x 240mm

If the Talon is our take on the classic British crunch tones, then the Blackbird is best described as our take on classic US tones, though with our unique Gryphin take on the design.

The amp has two modes, a higher gain and lower gain option, the low gain option gives clean tones through the for just about the full range of the volume control, designed with enough headroom to stack a few drive pedals into the front end, the high gain mode add two gain stages to go from mild drive to liquid sustain.

The Talon and the Blackbird amps have some unique features, the "Bite" control on the blackbird that allows you to adjust the brightness before the drive stages, going from dark and broody to bright and spanky on a single control, much like a variable bright control making the amp easily tuneable with fussy pedals.

The feature that really sets the amp apart it the mini switches that control the high mids and low mids, allowing you to use the tone controls to set a deep scooped tone with clarity and sparkle to thick mid-range tone with fullness and cut.  This again helps with setting the amp up to work well with your pedal board.

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The Blackbird