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THE TALON -  An Evolution

This amp was the first concept amp developed at Gryphin, The goal was to develop a single channel amp that could replicate the classic British tones of the 80's, but with added tonal flexibility that would give the user more control and the ability to find "your" sound.

This is the amp that has delivered the most ear to ear grins at all the guitar shows, it is so easy to dial into rock tones that make you play better..... Well we like to think so.

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On the outside this amp is very similar to the Talon, but on the inside it is a different beast, The goal was to develop a single channel amp that has a great classic American clean tone, but with the addition of the unique Gryphin midrange shaping that provides huge versatility.

The high gain setting lets you go from full on smooth drive sounds perfect for blues or Jazz all the way to all out metal gain levels.

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Unlike the Talon and blackbird, the Dragon amplifiers are not about versatility, they are about plug an play tone machines, Generally coming with EL84 power sections for 18 Watts or 30Watts power output, then matched with a pre-amp to suit your playing needs, these are vintage voiced amps that really scream when cranked up.

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We also built one off custom amplifiers to meet your needs, that may be a vintage replica, or direct clone of your existing vintage amp for touring. Give us a call to discuss what you are after.