Born in the small village of Kirriemuir in the North East of Scotland the birth place of J M Barrie, writer of Peter Pan, and Bon Scott, Original singer of AC/DC, Gryphin amps continues the tradition of creativeness and rock and roll with a little bit of fairy dust thrown in occasionally too.

Having being involved in the amp building business since 2008, Michael Mortimer started to develop the concept around which Gryphin Amplification is built, that is to design amplifiers that have a strong fundamental tone that artists can build there sound on, are built tough to withstand the rigours of regular gigging, are easily serviceable and use high quality, often over spec'd parts all to ensure consistent tone and reliability.

Imagery is important too, besides wanting the amplifiers to look unique, we wanted them to communicate strength,  power and  mystic, with our clean panel layouts, unique "metallic bubbly"  Gryphin skin coverings  and bold logo we believe we have achieved this.

We have a standard range of  amplifiers that have been developed through the years to meet various needs from Metal, Rock, Blues and Jazz, with standard features that can be included in most designs but also have the knowledge base to go off the beaten path where our customers are looking for a more bespoke solution.

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